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Job Description

Maintenance Manager

The MAINTENANCE MANAGER is responsible for the supervision and direction of the on-site maintenance team and for the upkeep, inventory, record/logs and repair of grounds, apartments and buildings of the property.  The MAINTENANCE MANAGER reports directly to the Property Manager. In conjunction with the Property Manager, the MAINTENANCE MANAGER will assist in formulation of budgets for each upcoming calendar year for interior and exterior repairs and maintenance and replacement line items.  The MAINTENANCE MANAGER is responsible with the Property Manager for achieving the budgeted NOI objectives approved by the Owner.  This is achieved by staying within the established budget guidelines for both income and expenses each month throughout the year. Job Duties Performs maintenance tasks personally and/or delegates to maintenance staff. Oversees and inspects work performed by the maintenance team. Prepares Market Ready apartments, which may include painting, carpet repairs, cleaning, general repairs, housekeeping duties, and any necessary duties to provide our residents with that quality move in experience. Institutes and manages a system for prioritizing/handling resident service requests and preventative maintenance. Ensures resident service requests are performed timely and with a professional attitude. Keeps MSDS sheets current and readily accessible. Maintains EPA required Freon log, Pool log, Capital Inventory Log and other logbooks as required by property manager. Maintains thorough knowledge of pertinent laws, EPA and OSHA regulations governing property storage and management of hazardous materials, including solvents, flammables, caustics and refrigerants. Maintains constant awareness of the condition of physical property throughout the community and immediately corrects unsafe conditions. Schedules and performs minor and routine maintenance on all appropriate equipment. Inspects and maintains all tools in safe condition. Creates a culture of safety. Instructs staff on proper use and guidelines for using personal protective equipment (PPE). Provides new maintenance employee orientation training. Ensures maintenance employees have taken required training provided by WRH. Performs daily safety inspections of the property and maintenance shop. Maintains accurate records daily in the property management software system regarding preventive maintenance, service requests (received and completed), expenditures, apartment make‐ready status, work‐in‐progress, etc. Maintains organization of maintenance shop. Schedules maintenance staff to be available for emergency purposes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Coordinates pool maintenance to include cleaning and compliance with HRS standards. Schedules make ready assignments with staff and vendors. Monitors and schedules all maintenance activities. Reports all major repairs and requisitions to the Property Manager prior to any expenditure of funds. Changes apartment locks and makes replacement keys. Removes and transfers heavy appliances and equipment from storage area to apartment (or vice versa) as circumstances warrant. Assists in moving abandoned furniture, appliances, etc., to dumpster when necessary. Maintains adequate inventory of spare parts and maintenance materials in the maintenance shop to handle most common repairs and situations. Identifies all utility meter cut‐offs, apartment and fixture cut‐offs, sewer cleanouts and prepares maps indicating same. Ensures that storage areas remain locked when not in use. Oversees and assists in keeping grounds neat and free of litter. Performs any additional duties assigned by Property Manager or Regional Director. Qualifications Must meet all physical requirements of the position. Lifting is required, however lifting and carrying of weights exceeding 50 lbs. is to be accomplished with assistance from one or more persons. Examples of heaviest items lifted include washer/dryers, refrigerators, A/C units, abandoned sofas, etc. Bend/Stoop/Squat           Required to perform routine maintenance/repairs, pick up debris Climb Stairs        Routine duties require access to 2nd and 3rd floor apartments Push or Pull         Move equipment, appliances, open and close doors, etc. Reach Above Shoulder                Perform routine maintenance/repairs, stock and remove equipment Climb Ladders    Perform routine maintenance/repairs, change light fixtures Grasp/Grip/Turning          Handle tools and equipment, perform routine maintenance/repairs Finger Dexterity Handle tools and equipment, perform routine maintenance/repairs   Must attain a minimum of 70% or greater on the Maintenance Manager Qualification Test. Position requires at least 3 years’ experience in property maintenance or equivalent field. Property Maintenance Craftsman (PMC) license [Duval County, Florida only], EPA Type II or Greater and Certified Pool Operator (CPO) license are required. Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) certification is preferred. Must have a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance. High School diploma or equivalent experience is required. Working knowledge of electrical systems, appliances, plumbing, carpentry, plastering, pool systems, drywall repair, painting, and HVAC. Ability to operate small hand tools and power tools. Must have a working smart phone suitable for use with various software applications. Minimum of 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday. Weekly schedule may change as required. Must be available for on-call emergencies and weekend work. Employees must fulfill the performance standards of this position and comply with policies, rules and procedures of the company, including those set out in the Employee Handbook, or otherwise communicated (verbally or in writing). Must enjoy outdoor work year round. Strong customer service skills and positive attitude a must. Basic knowledge of computers for checking company email and completing required training. What you Need to Know The purpose of this job description is to communicate the responsibilities and duties associated with the position of MAINTENANCE MANAGER. While the information contained herein should be considered a comprehensive description of this position, it should also be noted that some responsibilities and duties may not be specifically addressed. Every WRH employee is expected to perform any reasonable task or request that is consistent with fulfilling company objectives. Our company emphasizes a TEAM APPROACH which focuses on a spirit of cooperation, common purpose and culture of customer service. Working together as a team encourages superior performance through open communication and decision empowerment.  It is imperative that you review these duties, skills and physical requirements closely and that you understand that by signing the Job Description Acknowledgement, you are verifying that you can perform all the duties, have the skills and possess the physical abilities that are necessary to perform the job as described.