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Job Description


The HOUSEKEEPER is part of the maintenance team and has the primary responsibility of the upkeep of each market-ready unit, model apartment as well as the cleanliness and appeal of all property common areas. The HOUSEKEEPER will carry out assigned duties in a safe and professional manner with the resident’s satisfaction in mind. Job Duties ·        Cleans all vacant apartments. Cleans ovens, refrigerators, range hoods, drawers, cupboards, sinks, garbage disposals, light shades and globes, windows, blinds, hot water heaters, window tracks, thermostat covers, outlet covers, doors, floors, counter tops, bath tubs, shower rods, toilets, medicine cabinets, vents, towel bars, patios, balconies, mirrors, pool furniture, washers, and dryers.  Vacuums air conditioner closets and carpets.  Mops floors. ·        Cleans the office, clubhouse, and restrooms on a daily basis (prior to 9 a.m.). ·        Cleans and maintains model apartments on a daily basis. ·        Cleans and maintains laundry facilities daily by 10:00 a.m. ·        Sweeps entrance areas, patios, balconies, outer office areas, and floors. ·        Removes and disposes of trash from inside apartments and grounds. ·        Cleans common areas and removes cobwebs. ·        Stocks toilet paper, tissues, soap, and towels in restrooms. ·        Inventories cleaning supplies. ·        Replaces light bulbs. ·        Removes stickers and decals from windows. ·        Raises and lowers flags daily.  Inspects flags to ensure they are in good repair and clean. ·        Places flyers and notices on doors as directed by management. ·        Performs additional duties requested by the Maintenance Manager or Property Manager. ·        Performs any additional duties assigned by Property Manager or Regional Director. Qualifications Must meet all physical requirements of the position. Lifting is required, however lifting and carrying of weights exceeding 50 lbs. is to be accomplished with assistance from one or more persons.   Bend/Stoop/Squat Required to perform routine tasks Climb Stairs Routine duties require access to 2nd and 3rd floor apartments Push or Pull Move c leaning supplies, open appliances, open and close doors, etc.   Reach Above Shoulder   Perform routine cleaning, ceiling fans, cabinets, etc. Climb Ladders   Perform routine tasks, clean light fixtures Grasp/Grip/Turning   Handle supplies, Perform routine cleaning, ceiling fans, cabinets, etc. Finger Dexterity   Handle supplies, Perform routine cleaning, ceiling fans, cabinets, etc.   ·        High School diploma or equivalent experience is required. ·        Minimum of 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday. Weekly schedule may change asrequired. ·        Employees must fulfill the performance standards of this position and comply with policies, rules and procedures of the company, including those set out in the Employee Handbook, or otherwise communicated (verbally or in writing). ·        Strong customer service skills and positive attitude a must. ·        Should be a team player and self starter. ·        Basic knowledge of computers for checking company email and completing required training.     What you Need to Know The purpose of this job description is to communicate the responsibilities and duties associated with the position of HOUSEKEEPER. While the information contained herein should be considered a comprehensive description of this position, it should also be noted that some responsibilities and duties may not be specifically addressed. Every WRH employee is expected to perform any reasonable task or request that is consistent with fulfilling company objectives. Our company emphasizes a TEAM APPROACH which focuses on a spirit of cooperation, common purpose and culture of customer service. Working together as a team encourages superior performance through open communication and decision empowerment.    It is imperative that you review these duties, skills and physical requirements closely and that you understand that by signing the Job Description Acknowledgement, you are verifying that you can perform all the duties, have the skills and possess the physical abilities that are necessary to perform the job as described.