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Job Description

Property Manager

    PROPERTY MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION   Reports To:  REGIONAL DIRECTOR The purpose of this job description is to communicate the responsibilities and duties associated with the position of PROPERTY MANAGER.  While the following information should be considered a comprehensive description of this position, it should also be noted that some responsibilities and duties may not be specifically addressed.  Every WRH employee is expected to perform any reasonable task or request that is consistent with fulfilling company objectives.  Our company emphasizes a TEAM APPROACH which focuses on a spirit of cooperation, common purpose and culture of customer service. Working together as a team encourages superior performance through open communication and decision empowerment.  It is imperative that you review these duties, skills and physical requirements closely and that you understand that, by signing the Job Description Acknowledgement, you are verifying that you can perform all the duties, have the skills and possess the physical abilities that are necessary to perform the job as described. JOB SUMMARY            The PROPERTY MANAGER is fully accountable for all property operationsThe purpose of the PROPERTY MANAGER is to effectively manage and coordinate employees, activities and available resources in order to accomplish property objectives as set forth by the Regional Director and WRH Realty Services.   These objectives will include maximizing occupancy levels and property values.  In addition, the PROPERTY MANAGER will train the ASSISTANT PROPERTY MANAGER to assume all duties of the PROPERTY MANAGER in the event of the PROPERTY MANAGER’S absence.  The PROPERTY MANAGER is also responsible to ensure that all employees are fully trained in their job duties and WRH policies and procedures prior to them attending formal professional development courses. WAGE/HOUR STATUS Exempt (ineligible for overtime) DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Conduct all business in accordance with company policies and procedures, Fair Housing laws, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all other laws pertaining to multifamily housing. Financial   In conjunction with the property Service Manager, the PROPERTY MANAGER will assist in formulation of budgets for each upcoming calendar year. The PROPERTY MANAGER is responsible for staying within the established budget guidelines throughout the year. Oversees all daily operations of the property, including: Ensures that all rents are collected when due, and posted in a timely manner. Makes sure that all bank deposits are made daily.  Performs evictions, utility cut-offs and landlord liens as required on delinquent rents. Provides constant vendor/contractor communications concerning work scheduling, billings, vendor relations and certificates of insurance. PROPERTY MANAGER is responsible for approving and submitting all invoices to corporate office for payment. Maintains all on site local and state licenses.
Position of PROPERTY MANAGER (continued)   -  Page 2 Financial Oversees all daily operations of the property, including: Approves property expenditures and oversees petty cash. Personnel   Recruit, hire, train, and supervise all on-site property staff in order to achieve operational goals of assigned property. This process includes new employee orientation, review and approval of timesheets, instructing and advising on-site staff of employee policies and procedures, and annual performance appraisals. Works with the Human Resources department in using progressive disciplinary action to achieve property and company goals. Conducts ongoing training with office staff; e.g., leasing paperwork, workplace safety, and any other type of training that may be needed on a daily basis.   Administrative/Office   Ensures that lease files are complete and that completion of leases is being executed properly. Approves all rental applications and signs new move-in contracts and addenda. Conducts property inspections with local housing authorities, local, regional and national government agencies, property owners, and WRH management teams. Ensure that the property meets all requirements as outlined in WRH audits and regulatory agency audits. Responsible for office opening on schedule, condition of office and model apartments. Attends professional development courses as defined by the WRH Professional Development curriculum. Also attends scheduled corporate management meetings, usually held on a quarterly basis at the corporate office. Maintains records on all aspects of management activity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Submits required reports to corporate office on a weekly and monthly basis. Prepares Q & M report (Quarterly and Monthly reports concerning asbestos) and forwards to the corporate office by the 10th of the month}.   Resident Relations   Maintains positive employee service attitude. Ensure employees are in compliance with all Fair Housing laws. Makes periodic inspections with residents of move-in/move-outs. Reviews all notices to vacate to determine the cause of the move-out. Locates any problem areas and develops plans for process improvement. Follows WRH policies and procedures to maintain positive resident communications; e.g., resolving complaints, service requests, etc.   Maintenance   Physically walks and inspects the entire property on a regular basis, at least once a week, including verifying the condition of the overall property, common areas, and vacant apartments. Updates Regional Director of physical and economic occupancy status on a weekly basis. Coordinates with maintenance staff to ensure timely turnover of apartments after move-out.   Marketing/Leasing   Conducts market surveys weekly/monthly (as owner requires) and provides trend report information to the Marketing Director. Periodically shops competing properties and is aware of neighborhood market conditions. Trains the leasing staff to properly welcome and show the property to prospective residents. Also, shows apartments, handles incoming phone calls from prospective new residents and completes appropriate paperwork as needed. Maintains awareness of market/industry conditions and trends via trade publications, professional organizations, etc. Maintains positive on-line reputation management, posts community Facebook activities Attends monthly meetings of the local apartment association. Stresses importance of obtaining email addresses of prospects and residents in order to have high percentage of survey results.  
Position of PROPERTY MANAGER (continued)   -  Page 3     Safety   Reports all liability and property incidents to the corporate office immediately. Ensures that all workers' compensation claims are reported and proper paperwork is completed. PROPERTY MANAGER completes any pertinent safety checklists with maintenance staff. Attends monthly safety training as assigned.   General   Performs any additional duties or tasks as assigned by the Regional Director. Promotes You Matter culture of the company, ensuring that all personnel are aware of the importance of       extending this philosophy to each other, the vendors and the residents. Becomes familiar with the company’s strategic goals each year, striving to accomplish the goals at the site level. Strives for superior customer service in all areas, including customer service within the company as well as outside the company with residents and vendors.   QUALIFICATIONS Position requires at least three years experience in on-site property management. Must have a background in supervision and a successful track record of accomplishments. Computer Skills:             Word processing software, spreadsheet software, Internet, e-mail software, and on-site rental system software. Office Equipment:          Personal computer, calculator, typewriter, copy machine, fax machine, telephone, key machine. Work Hours:                    Minimum of 40 hours per week.  Must be available evenings, nights and weekends for staffing needs and emergencies.   EDUCATION/TRAINING High School diploma or equivalent required; college degree preferred. Certified Apartment Manager (CAM), Residential Apartment Manager (RAM) or Certified Property Manager (CPM) certification preferred. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Stand and walk or sit alternatively depending on specific needs of the day. Estimate 60% of time is spent on feet and 40% sitting at desk. Have occasional need (33% to 66% of the time) to perform the following physical activities:   Bend/Stoop/Squat Pick up litter, filing Climb Stairs Inspect and show property Push or Pull Inspect and show property, Open and close doors Reach Above Shoulder Inspect property, Store/retrieve supplies   Have frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to perform standing and walking activities related to inspecting and presenting property. Constant need (66% to 100% of time) to perform the following physical activities:   Writing/Typing Corporate, resident communications Grasping/Turning Telephone, doorknob use Finger Dexterity Operation of office equipment       Position of PROPERTY MANAGER (continued)   -  Page 4   Lifting/Carrying (paperwork, deliveries, files, miscellaneous):   Over 25 lbs. Rare need (less than 1% of the time) 20 lbs. – 25 lbs. Occasional need (1% to 33% of the time) Less than 20 lbs. Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) Under 10 lbs. Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) VISION REQUIREMENTS Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to complete forms, read and review reports and a wide variety of correspondence, view computer screen. Frequent need to see small detail. Frequent need (33% to 66% of the time) to see things clearly beyond arm's reach (inspecting property, neighborhood surveys). Must be able to determine colors properly because of decorating, design, paint colors, etc. HEARING REQUIREMENTS Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to communicate over telephone and in person with property owners, corporate and resident management, vendors and residents. SPEAKING REQUIREMENTS Must be able to comprehend, speak, and write the English language. Constant need (66% to 100% of the time) to communicate over telephone and in person. DRIVING REQUIREMENTS Frequent need (20% to 25% of the time) to utilize personal transportation to inspect apartments, property and surrounding neighborhood, and to make trips to the bank and visit the corporate office. Must have valid driver's license and automobile insurance. WORKING ENVIRONMENT Indoors (66% to 100% of the time); frequently outdoors, all conditions (33% to 66% of the time). Occasional exposure to caustics, solvents, oils, fumes, flammables, pesticides, etc. (less than 10%). Must be able to work in a fast-paced and customer service-oriented environment. Performs duties under pressure and meet deadlines in a timely manner. Works as part of a team, as well as complete assignments independently. Takes instructions from Regional Directors. Exercises strong analytical, organizational, and time management skills. Able to resolve conflict in a professional manner. Interacts with co-workers, supervisors, residents and the public in a professional and pleasant manner.   REASONING DEVELOPMENT Must be able to apply principles of logical thinking to define problems, collect pertinent data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions and initiate appropriate course of action. Must effectively convey ideas, images and goals to a diverse group of personalities.
Position of PROPERTY MANAGER (Continued)   -  Page 5 SAFETY RESPONSIBILITIES Learns and complies with all company safety rules. Uses appropriate safety equipment at all times. Immediately reports all unsafe conditions to Regional Director. Must be familiar with all safety features or equipment, machinery, or materials encompassed by job duties. Must check with Regional Director if there is a question as to the safe procedure to be used for any job function. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Employees must fulfill the performance standards of this position and comply with policies, rules and procedures of the company, including those set out in the WRH Employee Handbook, or otherwise communicated (verbally or in writing) to employees. This job description is intended to describe the general nature and work responsibilities of the position. This job description and the duties of this position are subject to change, modification and addition as deemed necessary by the company.  Employees are required to comply with supervisory instructions and perform other job duties, responsibilities and assignments requested by the Regional Director or President of WRH Realty Group, Inc. This job description does not constitute an employment contract between the company and any employee.   ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities. The job responsibilities of this position may include cross-training in other functions or positions to ensure satisfactory operation of the property or work area.