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Job Description

Financial Analyst

Job Duties Ø  Family Foundation o   Review financials of donee organizations on an ongoing basis and summarize with recommendations about continuing donations, suggestions to the organization for improvements, etc. o   Maintain records for tax reporting and coordinate preparation of tax return. o   Monitor requests for new donations and make board aware of donation requests. o   Payment of grants to all grantees, and collection and maintenance of all tax receipts from grantees for tax purposes. o   Assist in monitoring real estate or other tangible assets owned by foundation. o   Maintain records and ensure payment of loans made by foundation to charitable organizations. o   Assist in maintaining records showing annual donations, and total assets of foundation, to ensure compliance with IRS rules. o   Assist in coordinating with the foundation’s attorney and CPA to ensure professional services are provided as needed, and to ensure they have the info they need, and to ensure the foundation acts in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  o   Generally, maintain foundation corporate records and other family archives.   Ø  WRH Income Properties o   Maintain spreadsheets keeping track of advances and payments on all intra- family notes covering the sale of stock to trusts. o   Coordinate communication between WRH CFO, RBC account manager, and family members regarding WRH distribution payments, transfers at RBC to make note payments. o   Monitor the various notes to ensure that all interest and principal is paid when due, and that there is a plan for fully amortizing the note before final maturity, if possible.  This will involve preparing periodic balance sheets for each trust. o   Communicate with family members and trustees of the various trust to ensure everyone agrees with the plan and is acting accordingly.  Make sure each trust maintains adequate liquidity to make its note payments and pay its taxes, as required.   Coordinate quarterly and final tax payments and filings. o   Work on other analyst task as time allows to assist executive team.   Ø  Family Financial Analyst o   Maintain spreadsheets keeping track of all advances and payments on all intra family notes.   All of the tasks noted above will be required for these notes as well.  o   Assist in making health insurance claims with Medicare and secondary insurer BCBS as needed when claims are denied or when the medical provider does not make the claim. o   Assist in tax planning, keeping tax records, making sure quarterly payments are made.  o   Help organize old medical files as needed. o   Help create/ maintain data bases of owned art.  If art is donated to a charity, assist in getting it appraised, if needed. o   Help maintain, evaluate, and monitor all insurance – property, auto, liability, umbrella, flood, Collectibles, etc.  o   Help with miscellaneous property management tasks at home, or helping with technological/computer issues, as needed. o   Assist in analyzing outside investments as needed.  o   Keep a tickler system for payments and deadlines as needed. o   Assist with tax management, loans, personal records, coordinate tax payments and note payments. o   Create spreadsheets for personal donations. o   Assist in arranging services for rental properties. o   Assist in tracking expenses for other real estate.   Key Competencies: Ø  Ability to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing.  Ø  Self-starter with strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks. Ø  Ability to organize & prioritize assistance to others. Ø  Positive attitude, professional demeanor, self-motivated. Ø  Ability to adapt to changes in structures and work priorities. Ø  Competency in use of Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook. Ø  Exercises good problem-solving skills, using sound judgment in varied situations. Ø  A desire to learn. Ø  A passion for philanthropy and working with non-profits. Ø  Be detail-oriented with excellent attention to detail. Ø  Demonstrates strong emotional intelligence. Ø  Good listening skills and strong ability to interact with others. Ø  Able to maintain a high degree of confidentiality for proprietary, private, and business information.
Qualifications Ø  Bachelor's Degree in Business, Finance or Accounting ginancial What you Need to Know The purpose of this job description is to communicate the responsibilities and duties associated with the position of Financial Analyst. While the information contained herein should be considered a comprehensive description of this position, it should also be noted that some responsibilities and duties may not be specifically addressed. Team members must fulfill the performance standards of this position and comply with policies, rules and procedures of the company, including those set out in the Team Member Handbook, or otherwise communicated (verbally or in writing) It is imperative that you review these duties, skills and physical requirements closely and that you understand that by signing the Job Description Acknowledgement, you are verifying that you can perform all the duties, have the skills and possess the physical abilities that are necessary to perform the job as described.